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The daily grind of reporting often cuts into the joy (and time) of executing creative, innovative strategies. Grow helps you build your business and do more of what you love.

You can track your company’s performance in real time, anytime, anywhere. You’ll never miss a beat.


Presence-IQ is an all-in-one SEO reporting software for marketing agencies, offering PPC keyword tracking, SEO auditing, backlink monitoring, social analytics, automated reporting, multiple third party analytics integrations, custom branded dashboards and mobile apps, and more.

Presence-IQ allows users to create custom dashboards for an overview of their clients’ campaigns, with the ability to drag-and-drop various widgets providing information on Google and Bing rankings, number of backlinks and linking domains, engagement across multiple social media platforms, and statistics from Google Adwords, Analytics, and Search Console integrations. Dashboards can be customized and branded for each campaign, enabling users to personalize the information presented to each client based on the metrics that matter most.

Presence-IQ includes an SEO audit tool, which crawls and analyzes clients’ sites once a week to identify issues which may be affecting their organic search engine rankings. 44 issues are automatically flagged, including duplicate page content and meta descriptions, missing or duplicate page titles, broken links, images missing ALT text, 404 errors, and more. Issues can be prioritized, and all fixes are tracked, which can be used to demonstrate progress over time to clients.

Presence-IQ backlink monitor automatically imports data from Majestic, to add detail to clients’ backlink profiles with information on the Alexa rank and inbound links for referring domains, as well as Majestic’s Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics, which evaluate the trustworthiness and value of links. The backlink widget can be added to reports and automatically emailed to clients on a set schedule, either daily, weekly, or monthly.

The Ultimate Reporting Solution

What you will get from Presence-IQ

1. Know your rankings

Accuracy is already a given. But what’s interesting about this feature is that you can easily enable or disable metrics, letting you see all your selected metrics in one panel. Unlike with other tools where you have to move from one panel to another if you want to view your rankings for different search engines.

Agency Analytics - Metrics

You can also enable other metrics like global searches, competitors, backlinks and a lot more. Too much for just one of the many features of this tool.

What’s frustrating however is that there’s no way to enable multiple locations at once, you need to edit your setting if you want to view your rankings for a certain location, let’s say Google Philippines.

Agency Analytics - Setting

But other than that, I think they were able to maintain My SEO Tool’s reputation when it comes to giving ranking results.

2. Conduct a site audit

Integrating SEMrush in this tool obviously saves you from purchasing SEMrush. Well, it’s not like you’re going to get all the features of SEMrush when you have Agency Analytics, but you’ll get one of the most important features – Site Audit.

It actually saves you the time from transferring from one tool to another.

Best bit is that when you go to the Site Audit, you will not just see figures, but you can actually click on everything, and see what exactly needs fixing.

Agency Analytics - Site Audit

3. Know your backlinks

The backlinks area is not as outstanding as Ahrefs or Monitor Backlinks, but for a tool that has almost everything on it, I think this part is just a bonus (and add up to many reasons why I like this tool).

Agency Analytics - Backlinks

It doesn’t have too much on it – basically you’ll get a list of websites or webpages linking to you, anchor texts, and referring domains, and option to enable different metrics like citation flow, trust flow and when it was last crawled.

You won’t know if they are nofollow or dofollow, if they are text or image – not too much, but enough to give you a gist of your backlink profile.

4. Google Analytics integration

By connecting your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, you can easily view your visits, pageviews, bounce rate, and searches (keywords). You can also view your conversions – only if you set up goals, referrals, and demographics.

I compared it with the actual Google Analytics, just to see if it’s giving accurate data, or properly synchronized. It does.

Agency Analytics - Google Analytics

If you only want to view data, and not actually set up anything like goals, then this will save you some time from having to go to your Google Analytics account.

5. Social Media analytics (and a bonus)

The analytics part doesn’t surprised me that much, although I have to say that this tool will really provide you with a good social overview. It will show you the number of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn followers you have for a given time, your engagement, retweets, LinkedIn messages and a lot more.

But what surprised me more is the fact that you can schedule posts through this tool. Yes, an alternative to Hootsuite or Buffer.

Agency Analytics - Schedule

Pretty darn cool!

6. Easy, downloadable reports

Like any other tool, you can easily download reports from this one. You can customize it by adding or removing different sections (cover page, table of contents, and comparison from previous period), adding recipients (which could be your client), and the exact date and time you want it to be sent, or you can just download it for yourself.

Agency Analytics - Report

So many options, but it’s very obvious that they put this up to help users save time with creating, and sending accurate, good-looking reports to clients.

7. Assigning task

This part is pretty amazing. It’s not everyday that you will encounter an Analytics tool with a task manager on it.

Agency Analytics - Task


At first I was like, “what is this for?” but understanding the beauty of it – the fact that you don’t have to open so many tools or applications for different purposes makes me believe that the developers of this tool wants the best for their users, they know that marketers are busy, so why not put everything in one place.

So if you want to assign tasks to your team, or even just to create a reminder for yourself, then this feature will definitely help you.

Other features that you should try as well!

  • Competition
  • Google Webmaster Tools integration
  • Google AdWords integration
  • Call tracking

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"Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the Web like deer on a freeway".
Geoffrey Moore, Author of Crossing the Chasm & Inside the Tornado

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